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Exterior House Painting Service

A quality exterior paint job can be difficult to come by. That's why you should consider the professionals from Tyler Painters. We can help you restore your home's exterior surface to its original luster and we have the pictures and referrals to prove it. You can count on us to give your exterior home that "just-painted" freshness look!

Our prices are fair and affordable to everyone. Give us a chance to place a bid on your next exterior paint project and you will find out how affordable our painting services are. The quality of our workmanship is very important to us so we try our best to deliver the highest quality paint job. We do not get paid until you are 100% satisfied with our painting services.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Below are the general steps we'll take on your project. Your situation may vary depending on your Proposal:

Pressure Wash Exterior Home

To get the best quality exterior paint job, we recommend 1st having your home pressure washed. A good exterior house wash will remove all dirt, loose paint chips, and insect debris. These things can prevent paint from bonding to the surface.

Pre-Paint Preperation

Once the exterior is completely washed and clean. We then inspect the surface for:

  • loose paint chips
  • rotten wood boards
  • algea growth on surface
  • mildew spores on surface
  • damp surface areas
If there are loose paint chips, we will remove them or sand the surface smooth. Rotten wood boards are replaiced. If we find algea or mildew growth on your exterior home, we'll apply special chemicals to remove the spores.

Once the surface to be painted has been prepaired, we then cover and protect any surface that will not be painted.


If there are any bare areas, we'll prime them first. Then we'll apply a full even coat of your choice of color paint and paint brand.

We can apply paint using any type of technique you prefer. We can handle any special request that you may have.

Clean Up

From beggining to end, we try to work as clean and orgainzed as possible. At the beggining of the paint project, we do our best to cover up and protect as much of our surroundings as possible. Throughout the project we continue to pick up after ourselves and leave a clean area before we leave on each day. Finally at the end of the paint project we deliever a clean quality paint job.


At the end of each painting procedure we perform a final job inspection. We give a complete detail inspection of the work we perform. Some of the things we look for and correct are:

  • straight lines
  • paint runs
  • masking tape still on walls
  • any mess or trash laying around
  • even paint coat

We touch up wherever needed and clean up before we inform our customer of our work completion. We don not get paid until you are 100% completly satisfied with our paint job.

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